Interviewing for Documentary



Learn professional techniques from one of the top television interviewers in Britain. The Mail on Sunday described Nick as “one of the best interviewers working in TV today” and you’ll be learning real-world tips and tricks gained from 30 years of experience. You’ll learn the tecchy skills of how to set up and film professional looking interviews but you’ll also gain insights into the human skills you’ll need to help your contributor to shine in front of camera. This is a small group course – usually with just two people – with plenty of individualised attention and feedback.

COURSE Description

It’s a funny old business, interviewing on camera – I should know because I’ve done 30 years of it. You’ll spend half this course learning the practical and technical skills of setting up, filming and lighting interview picture and sound and half learning the equally important “people stuff” which helps your contributors truly express themselves. So the first day is spent in a practical workshop setting, looking at different set ups. The second day draws more on my years of actually doing this and is more focused on ways of making your interviewee feel relaxed; how to ask questions; stuff which works. So we’ll look at….

  • Setting up an interview without terrifying people
  • Choosing a location – and making the best of the one you’re given!
  • Choosing lenses focal lengths, frames and depths of field
  • How to build trust with your interviewee
  • How to ask questions to prompt revealing answers
  • The importance and influence of sound – and how to record it
  • How to ask questions which make your edit easy
  • How to ask the bleedin’ obvious without being rude
  • How to use available light to best effect
  • Idiot-proof lighting set-ups


Pricing of this course is usually £450 per person because there are usually only two on a course so there’s much more personalised attention. If four people book on the interviewing course (which is unusual – the bigger numbers tend to be for the self shooting course) then the price is £350pp.


We supply cameras (either Canon C70s or Sony FX6s), tripods, lights and sound kits.

Client Feedback

PRICE: £450 (freelance rate) £550 (corporate rate). Prices include VAT.
TIME: 10.00am-5.30pm
GROUP SIZE: 4 maximum (usually two)
DURATION: 2 days (10am-5.30pm)
VENUE: Oxford

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