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I’ve been a documentary film-maker most of my working life – an enormous privilege. I love film: I’m interested in people who live different lives to me and I’ve seen and filmed so many strange, inspiring, humbling, extraordinary, alarming or just plain ludicrous things.

I really enjoy passing on some of the joys of documentary to others – as well as a realistic insight into life in this strange industry. At my company, Landmark Films, we made great TV with wonderful colleagues but we also built a calm, kind, efficient, nurturing, fun workplace where people thrived. I want to continue that spirit with Landmark Film School.

Nowadays, I teach directing, camerawork and interviewing regularly for the National Film and Television School, Screenskills, BBC Academy, Universities of Oxford, Falmouth, Southampton Solent and University of the Arts London. I film stuff for Oxford University to keep my eye in. I love the enthusiasm of learners and I’m delighted to be able to pass on useful, practical knowledge derived from real-life film-making to help people work confidently, effectively and stylishly.

Above all, filming documentary isn’t really about camera menu settings and technical stuff – it’s a people business and our courses place a unique emphasis on managing the human side of filming to help get great results from your contributors and your colleagues.

Nick O’Dwyer

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You’ll learn from one of the most experienced documentary makers and execs in Britain, with hundreds of broadcast credits. Look at the press reviews of Nick’s films.


Nick loves passing on skills and knowledge and has an enviable record in teaching. Look at the testimonials from students who have attended his classes and lectures.


Your money goes on your learning rather than on maintaining large buildings in expensive locations. Landmark Film School runs a low overhead model, renting space when needed and hiring in the right gear for each course.


Landmark Film School is small enough to be able to precisely tailor courses and consultancy work to address your specific needs, either in face-to-face courses or online versions.


Courses go beyond sterile “which button to press/how many pixels” exercises and aim to give you practical film-making know-how based on years of real experience so you can handle real world situations with confidence.


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Landmark Film School provides focused, affordable filmmaking courses, executive producing and consultancy, tailored to your precise needs. For any enquiries please use the secure contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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